CUTTER Systems was founded in 2008. At present it has almost 100 employees and has implemented more than 150 projects.


From idea to prototype and final product

Our company’s development department also offers its extensive knowledge and wide experience to you. Are you looking for an electronic device that is not available on the market? Are you unhappy with your current solution? Get in touch with us.

We will take care of not only the development of electronics and software for your project, but also of the layout and mechanical parts design, creation of casts for plastic parts moulding, production of samples, certification or large capacity serial production.

Let us prepare an offer for the development of your device and become one of our satisfied customers.

Make use of our know-how and don’t start from scratch. In the development stage, we focus mainly on the aspects of your project which are unique; we are fully experienced with everything else.

What we offer

  • We develop technologies for the Internet of things (IoT).
  • We design and develop battery and switching power supplies and military and mining inverters.
  • We deal with signal processing using Digital Signal Processors (DSP).
  • We develop control technologies using microprocessors and programmable logic circuits (FPGA).
  • We construct equipment for land vehicles.
  • We measure and protect electronic devices against damaging radiation emittance.
  • We specialize in High Frequency technology.

We have equipment for model design and software testing.
Computer-assisted design and engineering is carried out using the following tools:

  • Scriptable software Eagle from CadSoft Computer for the design of printed circuit boards in up to 16 layers
  • A system for the creation of models and design of mechanical parts in Autodesk AutoCAD software products
  • 3D scanning and 3D printing
  • Network sharing of the design database

We simulate extreme climatic and mechanical load in a laboratory.

Products are subjected to increased testing and evaluation as early as in the development stage. By accelerating the life cycle of the products, we increase their reliability, durability and longevity. Our products last longer, requiring less technical support and no repairs.

We develop and produce products into explosive environments in ATEX standard and a high coverage against adverse conditions of high humidity and temperature levels IPxx (Ingress Protection).


We use a superior EMC shielded enclosure. We measure radiation and influences on products according to MIL-STD, RTCA, DEF-STAN, CSN, DIN standards.

An EMC scanner is used to measure radiation from printed circuit boards. The chamber is equipped with variable antenna systems and measuring instruments.