CUTTER Systems was founded in 2008. At present it has almost 100 employees and has implemented more than 150 projects.


We measure twice...


Do you need to measure electric or non-electric quantities? Are you interested in voltage, currents, radiation, temperature, pressure or traction? We are able to develop and produce measuring equipment according to your requirements, and equip it with a service software.

DzD Boiler Measuring and Control Units

We develop, produce and supply measuring and controlling units for the largest domestic producer of heaters, furnaces and boilers.

The units can be controlled manually or remotely (Bluetooth). You always know what temperature the water has, when and to what temperature it is to be heated. You can also control the ECO and SMART regimes, or program automation modes.

A straightforward mobile application will help you with all of the settings. Regulation has never been easier.

What we offer

  • Setting up the HDO function (bulk remote control).
  • Smart modes Smart and ECO.
  • Time planning (heating time intervals ranging from hours to days, e.g. holiday).
  • Water heating supervision through statistics (overall, monthly, daily).
  • Display of the amount of hot water at 40 °C.
  • Temperature monitoring.

UMS Automatic Physical Quantities Measuring

UMS is a modular automated system for wireless measuring of physical quantities in enclosed spaces, such as pressures, temperatures, radiation and humidity levels, movement, water consumption, etc.

UMS consists of three basic components:

sensors (measuring quantities),
• main control unit (collect point),
supervision software (on a computer you can see statistics, immediate values, etc.).

What we offer

  • Ideal for hospitals and research centres.
  • Wide measuring ranges.
  • Variability - a number of sensors measuring various quantities.
  • Easy scalability - modular system.
  • Wireless communication sensor / central control unit.
  • Straightforward control and supervision software.
  • Tracking the movement of persons.

BeeSpy System for Monitoring of Bee Colony

BeeSpy is the weight gauge which is placed under a beehive. Wirelessly delivering important informations.
One of the reasons to keep our weight hive honey are increasing revenue, reducing costs and current information about bees. More information:


Beekeeper has immediate overview of all the Important parameters:

weight of the hive,
internal and External temperature,
• relative humidity,
bee activity (counting passes cesium),
exact location of the hive.

What we offer

  • Transferring data (WiFi, GSM or SIGFOX)
  • An overview of the status of colonies (strength, activity, congeries)
  • Easier decision to intervene (supply feed)
  • Fewer inspections hive, saving the cost of travel
  • Statistical data on habitats (honey yield knowledge in different areas)
  • Security
  • Beekeeping diary