CUTTER Systems was founded in 2008. At present it has almost 100 employees and has implemented more than 150 projects.


Our happy customers

  • Over 50 % of clients have continued to use our services for more than 5 years
  • 92% of our clients would recommend our services

The best testimony of the quality of our work and the level of our services are the names of our clients themselves, as well as the fact that most of them have decided to collaborate with us over the long term.
We have delivered products with a number of our own innovative ideas, uncommon solutions according to the most ambitious requirements with ISM, ARFID, RFID, GSM, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other technologies to the following companies:

  • HARSH Mining
  • AutoCont
  • Incoma GfK
  • Meopta
  • OKD
  • The University Hospital Brno
  • Dz Dražice
  • Veolia
  • The Government of the Czech Republic
  • Micom CS
  • URC Systems
  • Safiral
  • ZH instruments
  • Elektrizace železnic Praha
  • Hospital Jihlava
  • Vocational Grammar School and Primary School Prostějov
  • Slavonic Grammar School, Olomouc
  • Olomouc Secondary Technical School
  • TRIVIS - Prostějov Secondary Public School
  • Prostějov Elementary School
  • Plumov Children’s Home and School Canteen
  • JW Prostějov Grammar School
  • Šumperk Secondary Technical School
  • Sokolov Private Business Academy
  • Prostějov Secondary Vocational Building School
  • Prague Secondary School of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering
  • Olomouc Secondary School of Logistics and Chemistry
  • Havířov Secondary School
  • Prostějov Švehlova Secondary School

DZ Dražice

Control units of heating devices

The Dražice cooperative plant is one of the biggest producers of water heaters in the Czech Republic, well-known all over Europe. The plant exports its products to almost twenty countries all around the world.

For DZ Dražice, we develop, produce and deliver control units with wireless control over a mobile application.

Clients are thus able to remotely control the temperature, pressure and other parameters of furnaces and heating devices.

  • Bluetooth technology solution
  • Control units are controlled by microprocessors.

Elektrizace železnic

Special control and check systems

Elektrizace železnic Praha a. s. (Railway Electrification Prague) is a public limited company with its registered office in Prague. The company develops, produces and assembles devices to supply railway, tram and trolleybus transport systems with electric power.

For Elektrizace železnic we develop, produce and supply control units for railway, tram and trolleybus transport.

  • We deliver microprocessor control systems.
  • Remotely controlled railroad switch systems.  
  • We design microprocessor control systems for rail vehicles.

AutoCont IPC

Machinery and product tracking

AutoCont IPC is a Czech company which has been producing and delivering industrial PC technology and special IT systems for over 26 years. The company primarily focuses on panel computers, embedded systems, industrial automation, medical technology and products for chemical and food industries.

AutoCont IPS is a long-term buyer of our technologies based on active RFID. We consult and create solutions for other clients together with experts from AutoCont IPC, thus enabling us to have a strong team of specialists.

  • We develop and supply Active RFID technologies to track products and machinery.
  • Consulting services mainly in the area of special hardware.
  • Management systems based on GMS, ISM and Bluetooth wireless technologies.

GfK Czech

Tracking of buyers’ movement using ARFID

Incoma GfK is a leading provider of comprehensive services in the area of market research, marketing analyses, including consulting and counselling services for clients in the fields of industry, business, media, including service providers from private and public spheres.

Incoma GfK uses and buys our systems for tracking buyers’ movement using active RFID.

  • We develop, produce and deliver movement-tracking systems (ARFID).
  • We deliver online movement-tracking applications.
  • An analytic module enables the creation of advanced analyses.


Electronic reading of water consumption

VEOLIA is a leading supplier of services on the Czech water management market. The company provides production and distribution of drinking water and sewage treatment.

We have developed a special Server-side and mobile applications for electronic reading of water consumption for VEOLIA.

  • Server platform for collecting data.
  • Mobile application for reading water consumption.

Parlament České republiky

Software for voting machines

Software for voting machines
The Chamber of Deputies (lower house of the Czech Parliament) is a legislative body of the Czech Republic. It makes a crucial contribution to adopting laws and regulations.

We have developed software for voting machines for the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. We have adjusted, refined and tested hardware, firmware and software of the machines.

  • Special software development.
  • Hardware, firmware and software refinement.