CUTTER Systems was founded in 2008. At present it has almost 100 employees and has implemented more than 150 projects.


Tracking of goods, products and people


Do you need to know the exact position of your products or staff in enclosed spaces? We are able to monitor the movement of persons, material or goods in your facilities on assembly lines, in storehouses or mines. The positioning system replaces the missing features of the GPS system.

CIS - SCADA Tracking of Mineworkers in Mines

 We protect more than 6,000 lives worldwide, including workers in dangerous operations (mines and heavy operations).

Every worker has a special TAG attached to their belts or helmets, which is permanently connected to a wireless network. A worker can summon assistance pressing an emergency button. If a worker is inactive for three minutes, the system raises an alarm for the given worker (TAG). Almost always a life of the person in question is saved...

You can see where the worker (TAG) is on the map in real time, including many other parameters.

What we offer

  • Simple installation, set-up and launch of the system.
  • The system meets ATEX standard.
  • Fully independent of other wireless technologies (RFID technologies are used).
  • Graphic output in web and mobile applications, including an interactive map.
  • +/- 10 m precision.
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • Explosive environment monitoring.
  • Automatic alarm if it suspected that a worker is injured.
  • Collective sound alarm for announcing emergency to all workers (TAGs) and requiring them to leave the dangerous environment.
  • Manual alarm in case of imminent danger.

CIS - ISI Persons, Goods and Material Tracking

We meet even very specific requirements. We have developed a system for tracking different products and devices for security services, mining companies and shopping centres. Our technology allows you to monitor persons, containers, trains, explosives and underground areas.

We are able to precisely determine the position of the object in questionin both the interior and exterior areas, and in 3D.
You can easily monitor on a map where your object of interest is. With the CIS - ISI system, you can carry out a retroactive deep data analysis.

What we offer

  • Simple installation, set-up and launch of the system.
  • +/- 1 m precision.
  • You instantly learn the exact position and height of your product position in 3D.
  • Solution using RFID technology - radio frequency identification system.
  • Different types of TAGs.
  • Graphic output in web and mobile applications.
  • Possibility to use mobile devices - PDA anywhere in the production facilities.
  • Our own technical support of the system.