CUTTER Systems was founded in 2008. At present it has almost 100 employees and has implemented more than 150 projects.


From idea to prototype and final product

Unlike our competition, our specialists can see “below the surface” of electronics. The electronic systems we develop are closely linked to software.

Thanks to our long-standing experience, we are able to develop web, mobile and server applications, information systems and industrial software.

We are able to design software for you - from analysis, development and testing, up to its practical implementation with both simple and extremely complex projects.

Are you seeking advice or an answer? We are also able to help you implement only a part of your project. If you are interested in analysis, testing or only a documentation elaboration, then you are in the right place.

What we offer

We use a broad portfolio of programming languages. We always select the programming language that will maximally suit your requirements and save you costs:

  • C, C++, C#, Java, Swift, UML a JavaScript, CSS, HTML5.
  • We are able to launch your applications using PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL and MariaDB databases.
  • We use platforms based on Windows, Linux, UNIX and special embedded OS operating systems.

A first-rate analysis and system design are critical parts of the process. They represent a guarantee that the customer and supplier are on the same wavelength, making sure that the final product forms a solid and high-quality unit. The result of this phase is a detailed catalogue of requirements on the basis of which programmers can commence their development. The catalogue simultaneously serves as groundwork for future testing scenarios and documentation.


A prototype is an excellent tool enabling us to present the client with selected parts of the system in preparation. This sample will give the client an idea what key parts of the system will look like and work. There is also a great space for project / application specification before the programming of the entire application is initiated.


Programming represents the actual creation of the application / system in the selected programming environment with the use of professional supporting development instruments, frameworks, etc. The prepared system is then tested and technical errors of various kinds are removed.


Before any product version reaches you, it goes through in-house testing. The product is introduced to you only after this process during the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) phase. You assess whether the system meets the set requirements you have set.
On the basis of your requirements, tests can be combined and made more complex and extensive.


We have experience with the implementation of projects in various environments. Our software products work both in the cool environment of server rooms with a high level of availability and heterogeneity, and in extremely explosive, dusty and humid environments (mining industry, military, hospitals).

The manner in which a product is to be implemented in the target environment is consulted with the customer from the first stage during analysis of your product. The data migration from your existing system to the new one is carried out in a way that ensures smooth transfer and failure resistance. The system integration, i.e. the interconnection of the new system and your existing applications, is always done cautiously so that smooth and uninterruptible operation is ensured, thereby saving you costs.


The future staff always receives thorough training and learns everything they need.

The requirements for projects usually change as the corporation grows and internal and external factors evolve. All of our projects are developed with some future outlook. The aspects we stress are primarily scalability, editing and possible integration with other systems.